Exporturkey is a company that helps Turkish manufacturers increase their sales in international markets by promoting and marketing their products. The company offers a wide range of products in various sectors, including textiles, foods, furniture, electronics, auto parts, and construction materials.

Furthermore, the company specializes in producing textile accessories through outsourcing and selling these products wholesale in more than 10 countries, particularly in the textile industry with its own brand name trimist (www.trimist.com.tr). Buttons, zippers, labels, fiber, lace, yarn, and many other products. The company offers high-quality products at affordable prices and works with experienced manufacturers who can design and produce different products according to customer demands. By providing its customers with high-quality and affordable textile accessories, it meets the demands of customers around the world and continuously expands its customer network in the textile industry.

Exporturkey also imports quality products from abroad and markets and sells them in the Turkish market. The company aims to establish long-term customer relations and keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level by providing fast and effective service.

Exporturkey was established in 2020 and has been growing rapidly and reliably. The company office is located in Istanbul and has a team of approximately 10 people, including management, sales, and operations units. The company has a young and dynamic team who closely follows the developments in the industry to provide the highest quality service to its customers.

Exporturkey aims to establish long-term customer relationships by keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level. The company works flexibly according to the needs of its customers, meeting their expectations and ensuring customer satisfaction by offering competitive prices. With its experience in the sector and wide product range, Exporturkey is known as a reliable company in the Turkish market. The company continues to solidify its position in the industry with its rapid growth strategy.